Suffering Soul in the Age of Technology Essay Outline


 Suffering Soul in the Age of Technology Essay Outline


There is nothing wrong with scientific invention and technological advancements. These have become the tools of progress and development in this modern age. But there must be a balance between progress and stability and neither should take over the other.

Extent of the Issue:

  • Man has conquered space and subsoil earth. He has reached moon and now eyes other extraterrestrial objects in the space. He has extracted minerals from both deep crust and sea.
  • Advanced telecommunication systems and transport means have turned world into a global village.
  • Medical science has done miracles and has discovered cures of diseases hitherto considered incurable.
  • Rapid industrialization has created several jobs and processes to meet the needs of growing number of people.
  • Modern urbanization is providing basic facilities of life to people.
  • There is better food availability conditions, comfortable housing and exploitation of untapped resources to be used to meet needs of humans.
  • Protection from secure environment and climatic conditions is now available.
  • Despite all the comforts and luxuries of technology, human soul is distressed and disturbed.
  • Newspapers have reports of suicide cases on a daily basis.
  • Cases of depression and use of anti-depression drugs are rising continuously.
  • Last century has seen two most deadliest wars of the history, swallowing millions of lives.
  • Family system has disintegrated.
  • Relationships have become weak and customary.
  • Social evils like poverty, unemployment, extremism, intolerance and corruption have played havoc with society.
  • Man has become greedy, egoistic and dogmatic and more brutal than a hungry beast


  • Man is a social animal. Technology has confined man to solitary imprisonment, making one vulnerable to vices.
  • Technological achievements have disturbed the balance between stability and progress.
  • Man has become a machine in this age of modernization, giving away his humanly attributes of love, affection and brotherhood.
  • Human beings have weaknesses like ego, greed and vanity. Modern technologies have increased these vices, making human not less than a beast.
  • Human beings have become so technology dependent that they cannot even think of living without it. This has incapacitated man beyond limits.
  • Technology addiction like internet surfing, mobile gadgets and applications have got control our human will and sense of independence.
  • Advancement in warfare technologies have made wars more frequent and deadly.
  • Negative use of modern inventions and knowledge is threatening human survival. For example, nuclear arms can annihilate human race from the face of the earth.
  • Regimes have flawed priorities. Rather than using technology for fulfilling fundamental needs of population these are using it for artificial comfort and superficial luxuries like motorways, bullet trains, motor system etc.
  • People have no time for each other. They prefer spending time in front of their TV or laptop rather than visiting a new neighbor or friend.
  • Technology has equipped man to over-exploit natural resources which was not possible a century ago. This has created a lot of problems as nature reacts when its balance is disturbed. Global warning, climate change and other environmental phenomenous are a product of human greed to exploit nature and rob its resources.
  • Technology has made man lazy and unhealthy.
  • Technology has badly affected social and cultural life of people disturbing their values, norms and lifestyle.


  1. Nature is based on balance and believes in balance. Balance of progress and stability should not be disturbed at any cost.
  2. Change is law of the nature. But it must not be sudden. It has to be slow and gradual.
  3. Purpose of invention of new technologies should be constructive rather than destructuie, both for man and environment.
  4. Technological use should not stripped humans from their humanity. Greed or lust of having more than others must not dominate an individual as well as society.
  5. Technology should serve its true purpose i.e., comfort is peace of mind. If a technology does not fulfill this purpose, it should be discarded.
  6. Traditions and customs of a society have more value than a mere invention. So knowledge of new things should not affect values of people rather strengthen them.
  7. Peace of mind is more important than comfort of luxury and technology. Man shall not run after vague technologies at the stake of its contentment.
  8. Love is a supreme feelings. Nothing is more beautiful than a deep relationship. The thread of social relationships is more important than a string of technology.
  9. Use of technology for eradication of poverty, disease, and hunger can be helpful.
  10. Exploitation of natural resources should be sustainable to avoid environmental backlashes.


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