General Knowledge Quiz 1


1. Hyper Text Transfer Protocol is an internet service through which


2. In the election of American President, the largest number of Electoral College members are elected from the state of


3. ’38th parallel’ is a boundary line between


4. The Moro Islamic Liberation Front is struggling for an independence state in


5. Minsk is the capital of


6. Inflation means that money:


7. After Saudi Arabia, which of the following is second largest producer of Oil


8. The Agro based industry is


9. ZIANA is the news agency of


10. Mauritius is an Island State in


11. Parkinson is a disease of


12. NIKKEI is a stock exchange of


13. The normal pulse beat of human body is between


14. The Headquarters of United Nations Environmental Program is situated at


15. The Stonehenge is among the seven wonders of the world, situated in


16. Which of the following country is called “Land of Free People”?


17. Strait of Bosporus connects:


18. Suez Canal connects Mediterranean Sea and:


19. Strait of Malacca separates


20. Seattle is a seaport of


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