Future of Democracy in Pakistan Essay Outline


Future of Democracy in Pakistan:


Future of democracy is promising in Pakistan. Democracy is a process as well as a culture but both are in their nascent stage in Pakistan. Democracy in Pakistan has shown great resilience. Though it has been periodically interrupted by military take overs but each time it resurges with a greater force.

Extent of the Issue:

  1. Successful transfer of power from one democratic government to another after completion of its tenure is a good omen for democracy in Pakistan.
  2. Judiciary has repeatedly asserted that they will be no longer support for any military takeover.
  3. Baloch nationalists actively participated in the Election 2013.
  4. The 18th Amendment opened the door for the devolution of power to the provinces which is key for democratic process.
  5. During the past few years, political parties have refrained from strengthening any anti-democratic trends.
  6. The News Media is more independent.
  7. Civil society is Active.
  8. Least interest of army in political intervention at least directly.
  9. Holding of Free and Fair Elections.

Threats to Democracy in Pakistan:

  1. Weak and poverty stricken society.
  2. Illiterate masses.
  3. Social Injustice prevails.
  4. Our legislators are not he true representative of people.
  5. Diminishing middle class.
  6. Maltreatment of women
  7. Confrontation between the state organs.
  8. Distrust between centre and provinces.
  9. Strong bureaucracy and Feudal system.
  10. Political disharmony between political parties.
  11. Rampant corruption.
  12. Absence of true accountability
  13. Poor governance.
  14. Negative Role of Media.
  15. Economic Instability.
  16. Extremism and terrorism.
  17. Foreign Intervention.


  1. Educational reforms should be introduced.
  2. Economic stability is necessary for democracy.
  3. Industrialization should be promoted as it creates middle class.
  4. Political awareness must be promoted.
  5. Sovereignty of parliament must be ensured
  6. Judiciary should be made independent.
  7. Minimizing role of feudal lords and bureaucrats.
  8. Dire need of mature leadership.
  9. Youth must be encouraged to participate in politics.
  10. Effective system of accountability
  11. Media personal should be trained to educate masses.



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