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Characteristics of Political Culture of Pakistan

Characteristics of Political Culture of Pakistan The main features of political culture in Pakistan can be listed as follow: Passive Role of People: In the first place though Pakistan opted for democratic system in which all the citizens were expected to play some role in the political process but the people have remained relatively passive. […]

Elements of National Power in International Relations

National Power: Prof. Morgenthau defines power as “a psychological relation between those who exercise it and those over whom it is exercise”. He further states that whatever the ultimate aim of international politics, power is always the immediate aim. According to Schwarzenberger “the power is the capacity to impose one’s will on others by reliance […]

Future Prospects, Achievements and Major Challenges of SAARC

South Asian Association Of Regional Cooperation (SAARC): In December 1985 the heads of states and governments of seven South Asian countries viz., Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka held a summit meeting at Dhaka. After due deliberations they unanimously decided to set up a secretariat and issued a declaration for the creation […]

Determinants of Foreign Policy

Introduction: Determinants of foreign policy of the country is influenced by so many factors that it is not possible to enumerate all of them here. Some of the important factors that influence the foreign policy of the country or constitute the inputs of the foreign policy are given hereunder. Broadly speaking these factors fall into […]

Aims and Objectives of Foreign Policy

Introduction: In modern times no state can avoid involvement in the international sphere. This involvement must be systematic and based on some well-defined principles. The principles and purposes of the state are reflected in its foreign policy. The importance of the foreign policy has been highlighted by scholars in various ways. According to one scholar, […]