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Sources of Revenue under Holy Prophet PBUH

Introduction: There was no central authority in the pre-Islamic days. So nobody knew anything about the income and expenditure of the government. It was the Prophet (PBUH) who first established a central government in Arabia. He was the first who instituted a public treasury in Madina. During the days of prophet of Islamic state had […]

Characteristics of Islamic Society

Characteristics of Islamic Society: The Islamic Society is based on the teachings and principles of Islam. The Muslims of the whole world are members of one society which is called the “Millat”or the “Muslim Ummah”. Following are the chief characteristics of Islamic society. Tauheed: The concept of Tauheed, or oneness of God is the basis […]

The Five Schools of Thought in Islam

Schools of Thought in Islam: The schools all developed in the same way: A gifted scholar would set out his ideas in his classes and writings; his students would refine these and pass them on to their students, who would in turn do the same. In the early period a number of these schools came […]

Crime and Punishment in Islamic Law

Types of Crime in Islamic Law: There are three categories of crimes in Islam: Hudood, Qisas and Tazir. Hudood crimes are punishable by Hudd, which means that the penalty for them is established in accordance with God’s rights and is prescribed by the Quran. Prosecution and punishment for such crimes are mandatory, as opposed to […]

Basic Problems of Human Life and Their Solutions

BASIC PROBLEMS OF HUMAN LIFE AN THEIR SOLUTIONS: Introduction: Life means activity and activity brings certain problems. The manner in which these problems are faced and the efficiency and common sense which are shown in devising solution of these problems forms the measure of a successful life. Human Problems: Human problems fall under two categories; […]

Islamic Ideology and its Characteristics

ISLAMIC IDEOLOGY AND ITS CHARACTERISTICS: What is An Ideology: Ideology is a philosophical term meaning Science of Ideas. Ideas mean a basic concept, and the basic concept on which any system is built constitutes its ideology. Islamic Ideology: Since ideology presupposes the existence of a system, it can be said that Islam is a system […]

Tauheed and its effect on the life of Believer

  Introduction: Belief in the unity or oneness of Allah is known as Tauheed which is the foundation and most important principle of Islamic faith. All other beliefs, command and laws of Islam and firm on this foundation and receive strength from this source. Meaning: Tauheed means that there is none, Supreme Lord who is […]

The Last Sermon of Holy Prophet PBUH

Introduction: In 10th hijri, the Holy Prophet P.B.U.H felt that his great mission has been accomplished and he will soon be leaving this temporary world. Consequently, he resolved to make a final pilgrimage to kabah. All the tribes were accordingly informed. In the month of zilhajj prophet left madina for makkah. After reaching makkah he left […]

Status of Minorities In Islam

Introduction: Every religion makes a distinction between a relative and stranger. So if Islam gives a preferential treatment to one of its own, it should not come as a surprise. However, this treatment is with respect to life after death. For life in this world believer and non-believer stand on same pedestal. Islam does not […]

Conquest of Makkah

Introduction: Makkah was conquered in 8th Hijri. In 6th Hijri, a truce was signed between Quraish and Muslims to stop fighting for ten years. The same truce allowed the tribes of the region to either joint the party of Muslims or of the party of Quraish. Consequently, the tribe of Banu Khuza formed alliance with Muslims, however […]

Status of Women in Islam

STATUS OF WOMEN IN ISLAM Introduction: The Quran and the traditions of the Holy prophet (P.B.U.H) has guaranteed to every Muslim women certain rights and obligations. Islam has given extensive rights to women and increased her status from chattel to equal creature to man. Status as mother: Status of mother is high in Islam. “Even […]