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How to Write an Essay

How to write an essay: An essay is basically a short composition made up of a series of paragraphs. Its length may run as few as four or five paragraphs, or it might comprise of a few pages. A paragraph has a thesis sentence that highlights a fundamental thought and is followed with supporting detail. […]

CPEC: The Game Changer for Pakistan

CPEC: The Game Changer For Pakistan: China– Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), which is part of Mr. Xi Jinping “One Belt One Road Initiative”, is an accumulation of infrastructure and energy projects that are under construction throughout Pakistan. Initially valued at $46 billion, the investment has now grown to $62 billion. CPEC is expected to modernize […]

Family Cases and Role of Judges as Mediators

Family cases and the Role of Judges as Mediators: A family is a basic unit of society. The foundation of our society is based on traditionally strong family system. Around the globe, 21st century witnessed the great awareness campaigns for feminist rights. The awareness campaigns also showed their result in Pakistan where due to protracted […]

Judicial Essay on Natural Justice

Judicial Essay on Natural Justice  Outline Introduction Essentials of Natural Justice The rule of Bias The rule of fair hearing. Conclusion The word justice is incapable being defined accurately. The word justice has different connotation for different jurists. Loosely speaking, justice implies fairness— giving one his due. In a sense that good reaps reward, the […]

Essay on Electoral Reforms in Pakistan

Introduction: The result of the 2013 general election set the phase for an amazing transition in Pakistan’s democratic process-remarkable voter turnout particularly among ladies and youth. While past times of open deliberation concentrated on basic issues of changes to chose government, the present discourse is currently overwhelmingly centred around the consolidation of democratic process through […]

Essay on Corruption in Pakistan

CORRUPTION IN PAKISTAN. A country exists to ensure well being of its citizens, promises a quality life and freedom from servitude, so that people able to live without fear of injustice and tyranny. Nothing harms these promises more than corruption in the organs of the state. It does not remain restricted to the public sector […]

Essay on Poverty in Pakistan

Essay On Poverty In Pakistan Abundance and poverty are the two contrasts present on the face of the earth similar to brightness and darkness. Bountifulness represents prosperity and blessings in every shape while poverty is one of the worst miseries of human kind. Poverty is a social condition characterized by the sustained deprivation of the […]

Judicial Reforms in Pakistan

Judicial Reforms Pakistan is going through the most tumultuous phase of its history. The country is facing existential threat not only from “without” but also from “within”. Besides security threat, the political system is collapsing as the political leadership is fast losing credibility. Democracy continues to disappoint the electorates as institutions erode owing to rampant […]

Not Economy, But Politics is Key to Success

Not Economics, But Politics Is Key To Success OUTLINE:- Introduction: Meaning of “Success” Indicators of a “Successful State”Prosperity of people.      Progress of country.      Protection from “External Aggression” and “Internal Disturbances”.      Protection of citizen’s life, liberty and property.      Promotion of human rights.      Rule of law.   […]

Muslim Ummah in the Contemporary World

Essay, The weaknesses of MuslimUmmah Introduction History – Muslim Golden Age. Weaknesses; Lacking of education including higher education. Lack of scientific knowledge and technological research including industrialization. Lack of UNITY Sectarianism & Intolerance Absence of Democracy Leadership crisis & political instability Economic disparity. Poverty & unemployment Controlled and inefficient mass media to counter propaganda against […]