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Sweet are the uses of Adversity Short Essay

Sweet are the uses of Adversity: Adversity brings out the best in man. A person in difficult circumstances learns to utilize his physical energies and mental faculties in a positive way to overcome difficulties. The problem usually eases off after sometime, but it invariably prepares a person to deal with future challenges. On the other […]

Do We Live a Better Life Than our Forefathers

Do We Live a Better Life Than our Forefathers: Generally we are living a better life than our forefathers did. We have more facilities at workplaces, in travelling, health and much more. Scientific devices have made life much easier than past times. The quotation has two aspects, material as well as spiritual. Materially man has […]

Protecting Freedom of Speech Not Lies Short Essay

Protecting freedom of speech not Lies: Freedom of speech is recognized as a fundamental right in all civilized states. The national as well as international law ensures its recognition and protection. The reason is simple: without freedom of expression there cannot be an independent and vibrant civil society. Media is an effective check on the […]

Uses and Abuses of Leisure Short Essay

Uses and Abuses of Leisure Leisure is some free time from job or occupation. This is period of relaxation in everyday routine. Benefits and drawbacks of leisure depends upon the person who uses it. Some free time is essential in today’s fast moving world because life gets boring and dull because of same schedule everyday. […]

Challenges to Democracy in Pakistan

Challenges to Democracy in Pakistan: An intensive debate is raging in the country about revival of democracy. What is missing in this debate is an in-depth analysis to identify the real reasons because of which democracy did not work in Pakistan but in India it did. The first and foremost condition for growth of democracy […]

Essay on Economic Problems of Pakistan

Outline: Introduction: The dismal economic picture. Low economic growth rate. Declining investment in manufacturing sector De-industrialization Neglected informal agriculture sector. Neglected informal economy. Energy crisis and decaying infrastructure. Shrinking Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). Sluggish Revenue collection Low Tax collection (Tax-to-GDP ratio). Tax evasion/tax amnesty schemes. Corrupt and inefficient tax collection system. Rolling Debt and Balance […]

Essay on insanity in individuals is something rare but in groups parties and nations it is the rule

Insanity is a frame of mind which exhibits itself in an unusual and weird course of action. An individual would be labeled as insane when he deviates from the socio-culturally accepted way of life. Society sets certain norms and institutions to control human behavior within an acceptable periphery of activities. When an individual goes insane […]