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Power of Appellate Court to Receive Additional Evidence

Power of Appellate Court to Receive Additional Evidence Discuss the powers of appellate court in receiving the additional evidence. Introduction An appeal is re-hearing and parties are not entitled as of right to produce additional evidence. However, appellate court is empowered to do so u/s 107 r/w 0.41, R.27 C.P.C. The power to allow additional […]

Rejection of Plaint

DISCUSS THE CIRCUMSTANCES UNDER WHICH A PLAINT CAN BE REJECTED? Rejection of plaint: Under 0.7, R.11 C.P.C, a plaint can be rejected in the following cases. Clause (a): no cause of action: Where the plaint does not disclose any cause of action, it has to be rejected and for this purpose only the plaint is to […]

Articles of Association

Articles of Association: Articles of Association is the second document which has, in the case of some companies, to be registered with the memorandum. It is the charter of the company, which contains rules, regulations and bye-laws of the company. These are rules to carry out the object of the Memorandum. In Ashbury Railway Carriage […]